Sunday, June 22, 2008

"The Question"

I've been thinking a lot this weekend about my life, my family, and where i am in life. I've been doing a lot of writing and most of the time the meanings of the songs come after the song is done, I know weird huh. I wrote a song called "The Question" and It was a song intended to come from the point of I believe Christ and no matter what scientist or what people say I will believe! Every time I would get to the second verse I would have to stop because of it not coming to me. Today I finally realize what was going on. I realized that we sometimes think that God is after revenge and He isn't. He is everything but that. We think that he is after us or out to get us. He came to earth and died so no one would "get us". He is a loving God and a God of multiple chances. I heard my pastor say our lives are like ropes, we mess up and we put knots on our rope and we get discouraged. But the beauty of God is that he takes those knots and turns them into stepping stones. It's easier to climb a rope with knots wouldn't you agree. Jesus has taken a lot of messed up people and made them into Godly men and women for Him. My song "The Question" hit's this point I believe in a God that makes all things good. I believe in a God of multipul Chances. I believe in a God who brings hope and forgiveness to us. We find ourselves asking for this forgiveness and He forgives but we never forgive ourselves. Remember God used a lot of people with knots, he can use you. Run with God run with His wind behind you guiding you the way. His plans are better than ours.
Chasen Callahan

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Kiliki said...

I miss you blogging! Thanks for this!

Hope to see you soon!

Hope you and Casey are adapting to the little guy & parenthood!!!

Hugs to all of you.