Monday, July 7, 2008

She's A Fine Motorcycle!

Wow! Columbia SC home of the Gamecocks. We played at 5 Points Pub Sunday night in Columbia SC and had a great time. Here's how the night went:

ONE- Drove through a bad thunder storm talking about gas.
TWO- Drove around 5 Points Pub at least 6 times to find out we could have came through the front door.
THREE- Realized that Aaron had ate pinto beans and decided to let the sound man know it as he bends down beside Aaron.
FOUR- Ate little 2" Jimmy Johns sandwiches for supper in a green room that, well lets just say it was a rock and roll green room.
FIVE- Played what felt like a real good 50 min set for 12 people including the opening band and bar tenders. (but yes we sold merch and enjoyed every minute of it.)
SIX- Got to hang out with some really cool fans, THE SKIPPERS CREW. (Hope to see you guys soon)
SEVEN & THE BEST ONE YET- Met Darrell, or who I like to call "Mr. Jingles". He is responsible for the Jingles called "She's A Fine Motorcycle", & "Pie In The Sky".

Darrell if you ever read this thanks for a great ending to the night in Columbia SC and I hope you make millions off your Jingles.
We are on our way to Savannah GA. Then to Boca Raton FL. So until then, GOOD BYE.
Chasen C.

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JennLee said...

Hey Chasen, Silver, Aaron and Clint!

Jenn and Charlie, from Rowkids...if you are in the Savannah area early for tomorrow's me. I've tried John's cell a few times. We are coming to the show at Calvary but would love to get together if you have time. We just got back from another 10 days in Belize with John Chuc at the Billy White school. We saw David and Elloy too! Can't wait to catch up! Jenn (